The Champagne Koch Leaders in focus

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              Der Koch Wein ist der König von Weinen




17 and August 24, 1890  

500th issue of “France Industrielle” :

«  With a kindness without research, a depth and perfect know-how which answers for the future, Mr. Gustave Koch gave us visit of the magnificent institution which he chairs and which will become a goal of pilgrimage for every tourist visiting the Champagne.

We came back amazed this visit and we are confident that, if we can find a larger facility, it is, however, impossible to imagine a more complete and better understood than the House Koch &  Sons.

 Buildings grape-gathering , workshops bottling, cooperage, workshops capping and clothing, cellars, packaging workshops in several huge vaults,… we can not give an idea of the superb mental and physical organization of this house premises, whereby, step by step passes during manufacture Koch&Sons Champagne , which, golden, Scented like no other, constitutes the true modern nectar modern and the king of wines.»


                     The great Koch&Sons mark as filed on April 9, 1890 at the Epernay court of Commerce is indeed the "Goutte d'OR."


The slogan of the brand ranged in publications:

”Koch wine is the king of wines”   

In France or abroad.

In the press in 1893: "And the number of real Champagne wine, original unequivocal and quality reputation, the Koch&Sons from Avize (Marne), which since 1858 has gone around the world, and who was so often rewarded at the shows will continue to offer, to palates of Gourmets its delicious flavor, spiced lively aroma, The exquisite taste of a generous Champagne…

For it is the true wine french whose well-known brand, with its Gallic rooster singing clear on the earth, has been appreciated wherever it exists gourmet able to recognize his rare qualities and devotion of a cult for an exceptional Champagne. "

 This article is especially meritorious at that time, the anti-German feelings were deep and the french did no sympathy with our famous namesake Doctor in Germany:

“ The disambiguation between the two names is somewhat curious, and it could lead to confusion if the borders were less rigid. But it will go a long time before we go seek our Champagne in Berlin.”

"Of all the famous brands that off the reputation of the Champagne vineyards and hillsides of the Marne, in the" Little House Koch&Sons - a rooster on its pins bugling, perched on a sphere of the earth emerging from Champagne - is the most famous in the world of gourmet and learned gastronomes who pique themselves to know recognize a 'true champagne' from certain 'sparkling wines of the Rhine… ' sold as originals."

"The mark “La Goutte d'Or” from Koch&Sons, is a noble ideal, and it can be said without fear of being denied it appears on the table of major diplomatic and worldly dinners, London, Vienna, Prague , St. Petersburg, Munich, Brussels… cities where this house has important branches "

" Everywhere the cock Koch has its place marked on the best tables. "

“The sparkling Koch&sons is not shy from travel. It is known and appreciated not only in France but in England and America, not to mention all the countries of Europe where it foamed into glasses at the end of meals and after banquets”

The main branches were:

London , Philpot lane ,15

Vienna et Prague , Ferdinand Kirschner

Berlin, Cohn, 17/18 Mohrenstraße

Munich, F. Kessler, Maximilian Platz ,13/1



<------- From Champagne Koch to Bricout 1866-1966